The debut album of the singer-composer Rita Ray from Estonia packs powerful, warm vocals and crisp production to go with it. “Old Love Will Rust” contributes 8 soul-heavy cuts to the current scene: it’s got that slower, classic R&B side of affairs, as well as an uptempo disco delight, that keeps things tight. While miss Ray herself has credits in almost all aspects of the LP, it’s a certified Solid Gold Production, led by Martin Laksberg of Lexsoul Dancemachine. Blue-eyed soul hasn’t sounded so strong in ages!

Rita Ray is a small-town girl whose vocal chords are hardened by a decade in choir singing, spirit toughened by the city life and a foundation built in jazz studies. She’s the first contemporary soul diva to rise from the post-Soviet state. Her soul-stirring shows have yet to leave a heart cold – she’ll have you in her palm to deliver tender melodies, irony-filled lyrics, catchy riffs and disco-stomping sessions.

Recording engineer: Martin Laksberg
Assistant engineers: Robert Linna, Markko Reinberg
Mixing: Martin Laksberg
Producers: Martin Laksberg, Rita Ray
Mastering: José Diogo Neves, Peeter Salmela (A4)
Executive producers: Kristi Raias, Henrik Ehte
Released by: Funk Embassy Records
Album cover photo: Hannelore Karmel Juurikas
Photo cyanotype processing: Johann Huimerind
Graphic design: Céline Binkert + AKU

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