Written by: Martin Laksberg (A2, B1), Jürgen Kütner & Kristen Kütner (A1), Robert Linna (B2)
Lyrics by: Robert Linna
All songs performed and produced by: Lexsoul
Recorded by: Martin Laksberg & Robert Linna
Percussions by: Luiz Black
Mixed by: Martin Laksberg
Mastered by: Jörgen Hermaste

Brush off the office dust and smell the warm evening with Lexsoul once again. Soak in the sweat of a work week that doesn’t seem to end. Step outside and take a little breather. Thank heavens and the efforts of Solid Gold Productions and Funk Embassy Records. For they bring you 4 jams that take the load off. “Lex On The Beach” is the latest EP by the Estonian funk-soul work force.

In favor of a fresh flavor, we see Lexsoul drop the Dancemachine for a moment. The 6-piece brings together their influences from yacht rock, AOR, japanese city pop and silky Miami Vice scenery. Yet the detour out of pandemic doesn’t just treat the listener with the sweet and smooth. It also appeals to the visual senses courtesy of digital painter Estookin. We saw her aesthetics on the band’s previous “Lexplosion II” LP. She returns with artworks that accompany the EP released digitally and on vinyl.

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