Studio album: “Universal Language” by Silky Steps

Babymakers, soul-shakers and dancefloor bound bangers ahead. Silky Steps hustles towards the scene trailblazed by Nile Rodgers, and currently held by the likes of Jungle, L’imperatrice and Parcels. The 5-piece hailing from Estonia’s summer capital Pernau have their own concoction of neo-soul, nu-disco and pop-funk to offer, though. At the helm, a combo of male-female lead vocals sing about the X-rated side of life. Plentiful synths and suave basslines get all the right juices flowing. All the while a musical guest will pop in here and there to provide a sax solo, sing a ref or throw down a little rap.

The latter is especially true for their upcoming LP “Universal Language.” Robert Linna of Lexsoul Dancemachine lent his falsetto to the latter track, while MC Roki raps on “Falling For You” and Rahel collabs on the title-track. In total, there are 10 tracks on the album that’s put out digitally and on vinyl via Funk Embassy Records – the imprint that recently won Record label of the Year at the Estonian music industry awards.

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