Inspired by the golden sands of Lexico Island – where the Sun never sets!

These 9 tracks of latin-funk and tropic disco delights were recorded when the Estonian band took the night flight heading towards the palm trees of the Coconuts resort in Lexico. The Cactus Bungalow was the place to let it all go. After meeting there with fellow holidayers Pappi Chulo, Mr. Crazy Fingers, Typhoon Lorenzo and Gabriela Fantasia, an album filled with lexotic wonders was born.

Released by Funk Embassy Records – “Sunny Holiday in Lexico” is Lexsoul Dancemachine’s 2nd LP – a postcard from the well-hidden island carried here by latin-funk and exotic disco waves.

All tracks written by Martin Laksberg and Robert Linna (except tracks “Mr. Crazy Fingers” written by Kristen Kütner, “Feriado Tropical” by Martin Laksberg, “Trans-Lexico Express” by Martin Laksberg and Jürgen Kütner.

Produced and pre-mixed by Martin Laksberg.
Mixed and mastered by José Diogo Neves, Tallinn, Estonia.

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